Marie Louise McConville: Thoughtless comments ignore suffering caused to so many by Covid-19

Real Housewives star's comments on Covid-19 were thoughtless
Marie Louise McConville

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of us are doing what we can to stay safe and keep others safe.

Of course, life has changed as a result but if each of us make some small sacrifices hopefully we can make it through.

That said, we must remember the pain and suffering it has already caused and as a journalist, over the last few months, I have spoken to many people who have lost loved ones, sometimes more than one, leaving them absolutely devastated.

Left heartbroken, their lives have been changed forever by their loss and nothing and no-one will ever change that.

I really would like to see Dawn Ward in a room with some of these families.

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star took to social media this week to lament how difficult and unfair life is.

The 47-year-old revealed she has now recovered from her battle with Covid-19, having fallen ill following a summer holiday in Europe.

The mother-of-four, who is married to former footballer Ashley Ward, took to Instagram to reveal that after two weeks in bed she was finally ready to be out and about in the world once more.

Having read that far, I found myself feeling a bit sorry for her because anyone I know who has had coronavirus found themselves floored and with a real battle on their hands to make it back to full health.

However, the reality star went on to complain about having lost just 4lb, despite having barely eaten and not drinking any alcohol.

She posted: "I'm officially allowed out of quarantine. I've done two weeks in bed. I've not eaten, I've not drunk any alcohol for 16 days and I've only lost 4lb. Life is just not fair! And I actually think that 2lb of that is my hair extensions".

Oh dear Dawn, yes life is just so unfair.

Did you even stop for a moment to spare a thought for those who haven't been as lucky as you?

There are people who are fighting real battles against this virus.

At the weekend, I met an old friend of mine who revealed she contracted Covid-19 in March and since then, she has been struggling with her health.

Left with nerve damage and other more serious side effects, this young woman had lost so much weight and was a shadow of her former self.

She has put in a really hard and difficult time and here we have someone who thinks it's unfair that she survived Covid-19 but didn't lose more weight in the process.

Dawn Ward should remove her ill-considered comments immediately.

For a so-called reality star, she seems to have lost all contact with reality.

Time to apologise and take stock of what you have in your life and give thanks for the blessings - not everyone is as lucky.


I am overjoyed this week after learning that Steps have once again reunited ahead of releasing a new album and going on a new tour.

My most favourite pop fivesome - Claire Richards, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer and Ian `H' Watkins - have revealed their new album `What The Future Holds' will released in November.

However, even better, the nineties group are embarking on an arena tour next year and Belfast is one of the stops.

Count me in guys. Time to start practising the routines.

Altogether now - 5, 6, 7, 8...



September has been pretty dull recently so how about a trip to the cinema to enjoy a laugh-filled movie?

In Bill and Ted Face The Music our favourite time-travelling besties return for yet another awesome adventure.

It's 2020 and Bill Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted Logan (Keanu Reeves) have failed to write a prophesied song to unite the world, and time and space are beginning to collapse.

Their wives are unhappy and Ted confides in Bill that he does not believe they will ever write the song.

Kelly, the daughter of Bill and Ted's deceased time-travelling guide Rufus, arrives to take them to the future.

They meet Kelly's mother, the Great Leader, who tells them that they have until 7.17 p.m. that night to write the song or reality will collapse.

Realising they will not be able to write the song in time, Bill and Ted use Rufus's time-travelling phone booth to steal the song from their future selves.

However, not all goes according to plan.

I have two pairs of tickets for Bill and Ted Face The Music at Movie House Cinemas.

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(Q) Name the actor who plays Ted Logan in Bill and Ted Face The Music

Normal Irish News rules apply

The winners of the Keep Your Eyes On Me competition are Ann Marie McGarry, from Crumlin, Catriona McKeown, from Newry, Frances O'Connell, from Portglenone, Jackie McGeown, from Dunmurry, and Edward McGlue,from Kilkeel

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