Both smoking and vaping can ‘damage arteries and increase lung disease risk'

Both tobacco smoking and vaping pose health risk to lungs
Nilima Marshall (PA)

BOTH smoking and vaping can stiffen the arteries and increase the risk of developing adverse lung conditions, scientists have said. Their findings are based on a clinical review of the available evidence gathered from multiple studies.

An analysis by an international team of researchers found that tobacco cigarettes, in general, were more harmful than electronic cigarettes.

The team also said that waterpipe smoking, which involves passing smoke through water before inhaling, is as damaging as tobacco smoking and hence, “cannot be considered a healthy alternative”.

They added that both smoking and vaping may increase the risk of people developing severe Covid-19 symptoms.

Based on their findings published in the European Heart Journal, the scientists are urging people to try to give up smoking, regardless of which method they use.

However, experts argue that the review does not provide clarity on whether the harmful effects seen in e-cigarette smokers come from prior tobacco cigarette use, saying most e-cigarette users were former tobacco smokers.

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