Home remedies: How aloe vera can help to soothe an aching head

Aloe vera contains plant sterols, thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect

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Aloe vera for migraine

THIS succulent pot plant has myriad uses. Aloe vera contains plant sterols – substances with cholesterol-lowering properties that are also thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect (which is why aloe vera is often used to help with skin complaints).

But consultant neurologist Dr Fayyaz Ahmed recommends it for headaches and migraine.

"It’s a muscle relaxant," he says, "and many headaches and migraines are caused by muscle spasms around the head and neck. Just the soothing smell is enough to help relax those muscles."

He suggests splitting a leaf and using the gel on your hands and face.

"You could also sniff aloe vera deodorant or use aloe vera soap on your hands and face," he adds. "I use it myself when I get a migraine, I recommend it to my patients and we find that it is beneficial."

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