Marie Louise McConville: A visit to Dundrum car boot sale showed how to turn unwanted stuff into cash

Selling off your unwanted stuff can be fun and profitable
Marie Louise McConville

Imagine if we were all millionaires and we didn't know it?

It's hard to believe, but it could be the case.

Ok, so the million pounds might not necessarily be in cash but in our homes we could all be sitting on a fortune.

With Christmas on the horizon and various birthdays and events in the diary, Darren and I decided last week that it was time to get ourselves sorted.

The idea, initially, was to have a good clear-out so into the attic we went.

After half-an-hour or so, we had accumulated quite a collection of all sorts - from baby clothes with the tags still on and barely used toys to handbags, crystal, picture frames and even a lamp.

However, we soon realised the stuff was all good quality, and having already done a few runs to the charity shop, we decided it was time to visit a car boot sale and sell our wares.

I mean, who doesn't want to make some extra cash, especially with two young children, who are always growing, starting school and already talking about Santa Claus.

So, last Sunday morning off we went to Dundrum and shortly before 9am, we were up and running.

And, despite the on-again, off-again rain, it wasn't before long until the sales were ringing up and the money was coming in.

The kids clothes were a great hit as were the unopened packs of nappies (which we don't need any more because James is toilet-trained now).

A golf-themed lamp which Darren won in a tournament some years ago, and which has sat in the attic un-used since then, was also sold (I am forever indebted to the lovely lady who bought it).

Then it was time for the trikes, kids furniture, some baby monitors and some toys.

Darren even became embroiled in a hilarious haggle over one of his jackets, which sold for a fiver in the end.

By the time the heavier rain came on, we were left with very little, just a few handbags and a light shade for a boy's room.

After just two hours of being opened, we had a very tidy profit and decided to call it a day due to the weather.

We returned home to the kids with our new-found wealth and have a much tidier attic. And we want to do it again.

Darren was forced to do some clearing out of his wardrobe and now we have a huge pile of lovely golf clothes, many barely worn and some with the labels still on.

We also have DVDs and CDs galore and other bits and bobs.

So, we will be back, maybe tomorrow or maybe next Sunday but before the summer ends.

Sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday morning?

Alan Sugar had better watch out.


Movie fans have been left outraged this week after Disney revealed plans to re-make classic Christmas movie, Home Alone

Disney said it planned to reboot a number of much-loved films, including Night At the Museum and Cheaper By The Dozen for its streaming service.

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Why do bigwigs keep doing this?

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