Radio review: Johnny Hero's nuggets of wit

Nuala McCann

Woman's Hour Radio 4

Johnny Hero U105

There were constant texts and phone calls, where are you, who are you speaking to and what are you doing?

Her husband ended up controlling everything from money, to food, to how she was feeling. She ended up questioning her own sanity.

“I watched him pour water out of the tap but he'd convince me that that was milk,” that's how serious and how clever it is that somebody can change your thought process to make you think you're going insane, Natalie said in an interview for Woman's Hour.

She was one of the first people to take a partner to court for coercive control after it was made illegal in England three years ago.

He was sentenced to three years but it was later reduced.

Now she's got her life back and she says she's feeling liberated.

Joan Collins sounds liberated. She's strong in her views and challenging in her interview style.

Her father, a theatrical agent, warned her of the pitfalls of “these predatory men”. They weren't all like that but she was “quite good with the knee in the groin”.

She learned to be tough and to look out for herself, she said.

“It's good for women to be tough,” she said, toughly.

Johnny Hero doesn't sound tough. He's easy on the ears, drive time on U105 and when his sister, Linda, drops in to talk film, it's like you're sitting on the sofa with the pair of them and having a laugh.

Hero got the nickname because he used to sing the David Bowie song Heroes all the time and so people called him Johnny Hero.

A recent chat about the cost of living had the customary nugget of wit.

When you're talking about the price of things, it's good to have something concrete to measure it by. Hero opts for the Freddo index.

Remember when a humble chocolate Freddo cost a penny?

Now you'd be lucky to get one for 25p... that's inflation for you and it's only gonna get worse.

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