Radio review: Ghostly tales good in small doses

Nuala McCann

Spooked Podcast

The Food Programme Radio 4

Halloween is over, but If you haven't had enough of ghosties and ghoulies and three-legged thingummyjjgs, then the podcast, Spooked, will bring a suitable shiver to your spine.

The stories have all got suitably frightening names – The Night Whistler; the Intruders, The Basement, Under the Stairs – these tales are not for the faint hearted.

Take the apprentice mortician who spends his first night alone with a body and finds out how the dead can possess the living.

It's an American podcast with trendy whiplash beats and music ....but the story tellers are not all Americans, they're from around the world and many of the stories are true.

Christina is very much a local woman and she tells the story of her Great Aunt Rose who didn't like children.

Rose became ill and Christina's mother took her in and she died in their house.

A short time later, her little brother John got up and went to his parents' bed and said: “I can't sleep mummy because someone is tapping under my bed.”

The tapping turned to knocking and fingernails rasping along the bed. In the end, they got the exorcist for Great Aunt Rose.

It's true dark night Halloween fodder, guaranteed to scare the bejaysus out of you and tasty in small servings only.

The Food Programme was serving up thoughts on Instagram.

We're in a restaurant and a man is asking: “What should I order that will look good on my Instagram feed?”

Yes, people are now photographing their food to post pictures – much to the horror of some top Japanese sushi chefs who maintain that the wonder of their creations will have faded as the temperature drops in the crucial seconds that it takes to whip out your camera.

Pink is a good colour for food on Instagram.

George Reynolds chatted about his addiction to Instagram.

Joe from @pleesecakes is a big hit on instagram, he has 147k followers. He's a painter and decorator who likes to make cakes... go on, have a look, phwoar.

It seems like Instagram is the cuddly little sister to Facebook – like Barbie's little sis - only she's all grown up and has taken over the show. Now she's channelling food porn.

You can get high on pink unicorn dust, or beetroot hummus or American baked cheesecake ... yum!

The Food Programme on instagram was a learning experience – they even took a bit of constructive criticism about their own posts.

We learned how to use a napkin when you're photographing your dinner to cut out the orange light... it was, you might say, food for thought.

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