Marie Louise McConville: Lavish birthday parties create wonderful memories for a lifetime

Billionairess Tamara Ecclestone posted a photo of her daughter, Sophia sitting on a mountain of presents on the morning of her 4th birthday
Marie Louise McConville

I see they're at it again - the anti-fun, anti-happiness, love-to-complain brigade.

Oh, how they just love to suck every last ounce of fun out of everything, routinely targeting those, who deep down, they envy, really.

Most recently, they decided that billionairess, Tamara Ecclestone should be publicly flogged for throwing her little girl a magnificent fourth birthday party.

Oh, the horror.

Having posted photographs of little Sophia on the morning of her birthday sitting on top of a mountain of presents in luxurious, personalised pyjamas, the love-to-moan gang decided it was all too much and her mother, Tamara, should be ridiculed for "spoiling" her own child.

Instead of just simply liking the lovely photos of little Sophia, who enjoyed a unicorn-themed birthday breakfast before a lavish party, complete with a giant three-tiered cake - some green-with-envy keyboard warriors decided being mean online was a better way to go.

Unbelievably, those who decided to hit out insisted their comments were not fuelled by jealously -yeah, right.

They certainly seemed to hate the fact that Sophia had enjoyed a pretty ace day from the look of it.

Get over it.

Yes, we know there are people in the world starving and poverty is rife, but at the end of the day, Tamara should be allowed to spend her billions on whatever and whoever she wants.

In 2015, the same woman spent an estimated £70,000 on Sophia's first birthday party, which featured a balloon castle, petting zoo and a zebra.


After all, children only get to be children for such a short space of time and really, we should be able to spoil them.

If I had Tamara's money, I'd be going all out - luxury gifts, a pet unicorn (I'd make it happen) and all out chaos, and that's just the start.

Life is all about making precious memories.

I know it doesn't compare but when it comes to parties in our house, Darren has had to reel me in sometimes.

I just love seeing my kids smile and no, I don't think it's spoiling them.

It's simply letting them enjoy a carefree life while they can and that's exactly what Tamara is doing.

Kids should laugh and smile and run about without a care in the world while they can, Goodness knows, it doesn't last forever.

So, well done Tamara on giving your little girl a wonderful birthday. Keep up the good work.


Sex and The City star, Cynthia Nixon is to finally return to the spotlight - just not how we expected.

The 51-year-old star has announced her candidacy for Governor of New York.

Of course, within minutes of the announcement, some people were already plotting her failure.

Well, I salute the native New Yorker for wanting to make the city a better place and wish her luck - it takes guts to make a stand.

The only thing is, I guess this means a new Sex and The City movie is out of the question.

Ah well, needs must.



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