Marie Louise McConville: A bout of flu has shown I am not as young as I was

Marie Louise is hoping her recent chest infection and bout of the flu has left, never, ever to return
Marie Louise McConville

Dear oh dear.

Just give me a minute while I gather myself - though, at my age, it may take a while.

I guess you could say I had it coming, having previously boasted of how I had managed to escape the spell of sickness which took the McConville household hostage over Christmas and into the New Year.

Deep down, I knew it was coming but with the arrival of March, I got cocky and really thought I'd got away with it - no such luck.

Last week, I was struck down with illness and it was while I was lying in my bed feeling like I would never be able to function again, I realised something - I'm really am getting old.

A few years ago, I could easily have shaken off a cold or even the symptoms of flu. I could have walked the runny nose off and drank away the sore head but now, I've become so old and decrepit that a chest infection and flu leaves me floored.

Having taken ill in work, my wonderful GP had been quick on the case and prescribed me with an antibiotic for a rather nasty chest infection.

However, instead of improving, four days later I woke up with a horrible, bully of a flu which took a firm hold and just wouldn't let go.

Honestly, I don't think in all my years I have ever felt so bad.

I eventually found myself at the out-of-hours doctor begging to be put out of my misery.

Armed with new antibiotics and strong painkillers for an epic headache which had refused to shift for five days straight, I thought I was on the mend but, alas it was back to bed for further sickness exploits which just drained me.

A week later, I was still battling the illness and I really thought it was the end.

Had this been 10 years ago, even five, I would not have bowed down so easily but now, aged at the age we don't talk about, I simply did not have it in me and if truth be told, I'm still exhausted and not feeling myself.

So, is this what I have to look forward to?

Every little ache and pain, scratch and graze sending me to my bed for a week?

I don't like it.

Getting older sucks.


And I had such high hopes.

Long before I turned my back on reality tv, I'd been a big fan of Channel 4's Married At First Sight (which sees couples meet for the first time at the altar and marry and try to make a go of it).

Now, I know it sounds a bit nuts but I just loved this show and always held out hope that love would conquer all.

However, after three series, not one single couple has stayed together, not even Ben and Stephanie our last hope, who have now announced that they are to divorce.




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