Listen to... The Great NI Music Quiz

Host Ralph McLean is joined by team captains Niamh Kavanagh and Peter Corry for The Great NI Music Quiz

STARTING tomorrow morning on Radio Ulster at 10.30am, The Great Northern Ireland Music Quiz (TGNIMQ) is a new weekly gameshow which sorts the Radioheads from The Stupids as two teams battle to become 'top of the pops' in the music trivia stakes.

Hosted by Irish News Cult Movie columnist, Radio Ulster DJ and noted vinyl fetishist Ralph McLean, each week team captains Peter Corry and Niamh Kavanagh will be joined by a quartet of familiar faces/voices.

The opening episode features Radio Ulster DJ and Irish News columnist Lynette Fay, celebrity weatherman Frank Mitchell, UTV legend Gerry Kelly and BBC One Getaways presenter Joe Lindsay.

Other guests throughout the series include Brian Kennedy, Shane Todd, Pamela Ballentine, Noel Thompson, Barra Best and Stephen Watson.

"You can't beat a good music quiz to get the brain cells firing on a Saturday morning," enthuses Ralph. "Peter and Niamh are great craic as the team captains and the contestants all had a ball testing their musical knowledge against each other."

TGNIMQ features rounds including Tracks of Our Years, Love The Lyrics with the inimitable Walter Love reciting classic pop numbers and Kazoo Do You Think You Are? where well-known songs are brutally murdered on the devil's flute in the name of entertainment.

"Trust me, you haven't lived until you've heard Kaz Hawkins or Brendan Murphy from The 4 Of Us attempt to blow and puff their way to victory!," Ralph reveals.

Have your wireless, brain and kazoo ready from 10.30am tomorrow morning.

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