Fitness forecast: 'Mermaiding' among health trends we could be following in 2018

Mermaiding involves top to tail fitness training – literally

WHAT'S hot in the world of workouts for 2018? Fitness forecasters have picked out alternative classes and micro-trends predicted to dominate – here are a few to have on your radar...

:: DNA testing

Through DNA testing, fitness fans can get a detailed breakdown of their macro and micronutrient needs, as well as tips for tailoring your approach to exercise so that you're working out in a way that best suits your body. These programmes used to be the reserve of top athletes, but now at-home kits are bringing the method to the masses.

:: Live streaming classes

While we've been exercising with YouTube for years, expect to see a live broadcasting element dominate in 2018. Boutique subscription service is set to lead the pack, with its own streaming service, while Pelaton ( has a fleet of inter-connected spin bikes that will pit you against other at-home users.

:: VersaClimber

Looking not too dissimilar from a Victorian torture device, VersaCimbers are set to be the new method of strengthening core muscles. It basically utilises the same natural cardio movement as rock climbing, but without having to worry about falling to your death.

:: Mermaiding

The bonkers trend for donning a fishtail and performing aerobic exercises in a swimming pool took off in Colorado – and is causing slight ripples in the UK. The head-to-fins aerobic classes involve pulling on a sparkly mermaid tail, then swimming like one, by swishing your legs in a rhythmic movement. The classes are said to engage the abdominal muscles, giving you rock-solid abs and a core of steel.

:: Rest and recovery

R&R is going to be a big fitness trend next year. Most trainers know that getting enough recovery time after workouts is essential. If you're bending, flexing and crunching, it's time to take things down a notch and pack in some decent recovery time, to reduce the risk of injury and allow you to perform for better and longer.

:: Strength training

Pinterest's 2018 forecast picked out strength training as one of the biggies for next year, claiming that exercise is moving away from size to strength. Thanks to female celebrity fans like Megan Fox, Millie Mackintosh and Khloe Kardashian, the weights area could be gender neutral in 2018.

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