Sleb Safari: Ken doll gets a man bun and a dad bod

Ken with a man bun times two. Picture from Barbie on Twitter

FROM now on, June 20 2017 shall be known as the day that Ken got a man bun.

Barbie’s arm candy has finally had a revamp. Fifteen of them to be precise. Mattel has created new Kens with different skin tones, body shapes and hairstyles, including the man bun.

Sleb Safari would love to know what self-respecting adult is going to buy their child a man-bunned Ken to play with. Who, other than a man with a bronut and too much change in his pocket would think it wise?

As far as Sleb Safari can determine after extensive and exhaustive research/Googling there are at least two Kens with man buns. That’s two too many in most people’s book.

Sleb Safari looks forward to hearing what Catherine Tate's Nan has to say about it.

Man Bun Ken wouldn't be Man Bun Ken if he didn't have a back story. Sleb Safari's money is on him training to be a yoga teacher and knowing the very best way to make cold brew coffee.

The diversity element of the new dolls is wonderful. Mattel should go further still and have a doll in a wheelchair and another with a prosthesis.

There are 15 new Ken dolls in total, with seven skin tones, eight hair colours and nine hairstyles. That’s more hairstyles than is permitted in North Korea so Mattel needn’t worry about trying to crack that market.

Some of the Kens have freckles and there are now three body shapes, (hello, dad bod), just as with Barbie whose make over last year is credited with boosting sales.

Here's Man Bun Ken and all his friends. Picture from Barbie on Twitter

Lisa McKnight is the senior vice president and general manager of Barbie and says the company is “redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation”.

“Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalise the role they want him to play in Barbie's world,” she says.

Hhhmm, what role could Man Bun Ken play in his very good friend Barbie's life? Likely he'll smoke a lot of weed and get under Barbie’s feet.

It’ll all be fine for a while until one day Barbie comes home from work and Man Bun Ken has had all his bronut bros round again and there isn't a clean dish in the house and she’ll snap. Man Bun Ken will sleep on his yoga mat on a friend’s floor for the next three months.

There are 25 new Barbie dolls in the pipeline and Sleb Safari hopes Mattel is taking suggestions. If so it would like to propose Happy Hour Barbie; I’m Exhausted Barbie; Ah For Flip Sake It’s My Turn To Host Book Club Barbie? and I’ll Go To The Gym Tomorrow Barbie.

Katie Price has a go at becoming a pop star. Again

YOU have to admire Katie Price's tenacity. She's had two cracks at becoming a pop star and despite all evidence to the contrary she's convinced third time will be the charm.

Madam has re-relaunched her 'music career' without so much as a blushed cheek. Her new single I Got U was written by an X Factor contestant and she debuted it on Loose Women.

Katie is different to the rest of us. She looks at the employment arena and thinks 'what do I fancy having a go at?' rather than 'what might I be good at?'

With that refreshing attitude in mind she has four autobiographies, three novels and two series of children's books under her belt, a newspaper column, an equestrian clothing range, a reality show, a slot on daily panel show Loose Women and quite a bit of cash under the mattress.

Katie's performance on Loose Women wasn't at Eurovision standard but you simply cannot put the Pricie down. She tweeted afterwards: "I enjoyed myself living my dream. I can't win if I sing live or mime but I don't care."

She told the other panellists that although “no-one is interested” in her fresh attempt at chart success, including her manager who questioned why she was “wasting” her time, she was doing it because she's always wanted a pop career.

Katie, Sleb Safari tips its hat to you. Keep on keeping on.

Bridget Jones: The Musical

GLORIOUS news from Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding who says a musical is on the cards.

Helen told the Lorraine Show: “We worked on it for a while and then it all sort of... the musical world is very spontaneous and we were all sort of working together and then it all sort of fluttered away in a flurry of luvviedom, but I really hope that before too long it will flutter back together again. And I think it will be great fun.”

Hopefully it’ll be like spending a night in a karaoke bar with Bridget.

Renee Zellweger in the film Bridget Jones's Diary

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