Marie Louise McConville: Certain drivers need to learn some manners

No excuse for angry drivers on our roads
Marie Louise McConville

If there's one thing I can't abide it's bad manners.

There really is nothing that annoys me more than rude people.

I simply cannot stand people who don't say please and thank you, queue-jumpers, or drivers who don't offer an acknowledgement when you let them out in traffic.

And, I definitely have no time whatsoever for those who think it's ok not to respect others, especially on our roads.

At the risk of starting a sexist showdown, I'd have to say that in my own experience, I find it is usually men who think they own the road.

Anyone else agree?

I only mention it because I had a bit of a run in with a male driver the other day.

Ok, so I'll set the scene.

It was around 6.30pm and I was driving along the Milltown Road in Belfast, on my way to visit a friend.

Anyway, I was driving towards Hospital Road and I was in the inside lane as I knew I would be turning left at the junction.

The problem along this stretch of road is that some drivers do not move into the left lane, even though they know they will be turning left and so, as they near the lights at the junction they put on their indicator to get into the left lane, this is so they can queue jump.

Well, I drive this way quite a lot and I admit, I always get in the left lane and on many, many occasions, I let drivers cut in.

However, the other day, there was quite a long line of traffic in the left lane so I found myself not moving for a while.

Suddenly, a car came roaring up the outside lane and attempted to get into the left lane in front of me. However, instead of putting on his indicator and waiting for a space, he tried to force his way in, almost hitting my car in the process.

He then started to roar his engine and stare out the window.

Oh no, I don't think so. I can't abide ignorant people so the battle commenced.

I decided that as I did not have to let him in and as there was no legal requirement for me to do so, and given his appalling manners, I wasn't going to let him in.

So, as the traffic moved in my lane, I also moved.

Now, some will say I inflamed the situation by doing this but nope, I won't be bullied on the road.

The other driver then decided he would roar his engine even louder while throwing his hands in the air and shouting expletives out the window about how I should let him in NOW. But no, no way was I going to response kindly to someone who speaks to me like that.

So, I told him he should have been in the proper lane and no, I wasn't letting him in.

He continued to roar and shout and drive extremely close to me but off I went.

I would hazard a guess that many women have had a similar experience on the roads while driving but there was no way I was going to let him behave in such a foul way towards me and get away with it. Why should I put up with it?

No one has the right to bully others on our roads, no matter what kind of car they drive or how much they paid for it.

I hope this driver learned a lesson from this experience.

I hope he realises he doesn't own the road and must treat all road users with respect - even women.

Maybe if we all took a little extra time on the roads and respected each other, driving would be a lot less stressful.

Hope you're listening Mr Peugeot.



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