TV review: Walking Dead a violent zombie masterpiece

Nigel Farage gets His Life Back starring Kevin Bishop.

The Walking Dead, Fox TV Monday 9pm

Do you ever wonder how you'd fare in a post apocalyptic world?

I like to think I'd manage pretty well. I have skills, I've covered riots and don't get queasy at the sight of blood, I've been in the McDonalds queue at chucking out time and lived to tell the tale.

And so for the first six seasons of The Walking Dead I've thought, okay it's not ideal but I reckon I could still survive. But then along came Negan.

The worst baddie that has ever graced a TV screen, a man so bad, capable of violence so horrendous I actually screamed out loud, and bearing in mind the head count in an average episode of the Walking Dead is usually in treble figures anyway, it takes a lot to shock.

I'm not sure I'd want to be on the same planet as Negan, either alive of roaming around as one of the undead. Who would have thought that the hot guy from PS I Love You could turn out so bad?

The make up and special effects team worked overtime as brains and blood spilled out in what has to have been most graphically violent start to any television show in the history of - well television.

As a major fan the loss of Abraham, the ex army redneck with a never ending supply of hilarious one liners was hard to take, not so much Glenn he was a decent sort and very earnest but Rick's team can live without him, albeit now under an oppressive regime.

The second episode of season seven was thankfully a more gentle affair and just as well my poor nerves couldn't take much more death and destruction.

We've now been introduced to the rather theatrical King Ezekiel, he's not a real king just an actor who promoted himself after the zombie invasion, he even has a tiger as a pet for added impact.

King Ezekiel is feeding Negan's men pigs that have been eating zombie flesh. I've no idea what a bacon sandwich made from zombie eating pork would do to your digestive system but it couldn't be good.

The tension is building, we know that there's repercussions from the Negan slaughter to come we just don't know when or how yet.

The Walking Dead is not everyone's cup of fake blood but it's right up my street and I couldn't be more excited for the rest of season seven. Far from going off the boil it's back bigger and better than ever and long may it continue.


Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back, BBC2, Sunday 10pm

We'll forever remember 2016 as the year when politics changed the world forever and not necessarily for the better.

And one of the pivotal characters in this historic year has been the larger than life Nigel Farage and his odious UKIP.

Farage announced in dramatic fashion in June that he was standing down as leader to "get his life back" which was nice for him given he'd achieved his life's work in helping fling us into economic uncertainty.

Anyway there's often comedy to be found in tragedy and Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back with comic Kevin Bishop imagining what Farage "getting his life back" might look like, is an attempt to do just that with mixed results.

Some parts were very funny, others quite dull and Bishop treats his muse more sympathetically than many would think he deserves. He doesn't look very like him but the mannerisms and voice were spot on, annoyingly so.

It's worth a watch and sure if you didn't laugh you'd cry.

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