Cab driver proves robustness of LEVC electric taxi by clocking up over 280,000 miles

Glasgow-based Gary Bowers has travelled almost 20 per cent further than the distance from Earth to the Moon since 2018.

Gary Bowers and his 280,000-mile LEVC TX (Credit: LEVC)
Gary Bowers LEVC TX Gary Bowers and his 280,000-mile LEVC TX (Credit: LEVC) (© Andy Buchanan/ UNP 0845 600 7737)

A 60-year-old taxi driver from Glasgow has clocked up some of the highest mileage of any TX taxi in the world, having recently hit the 280,000-mile milestone in his LEVC electric cab since purchasing it in 2018.

Having made some £85,000 in fuel savings over the course of ownership (compared to a traditional diesel taxi), the battery-assisted TX has travelled further than the 232,000-mile distance from the Earth to the Moon.

The impressive odometer reading also eclipses the 268,553 miles that NASA’s Orion spacecraft reached at its furthest point from Earth.

According to the hard-working driver, his TX is kept running virtually 24/7, with a partner using the taxi at night to ensure it delivers the greatest value for money.

One break in the early morning and another in the evening gives the drivers time to charge, ensuring they can maximise electric range and fuel savings.

“I normally work from about 8am to 6pm and the night shift works from 9:15 pm to 4 or 5am,” Gary explains. “This gives us the chance to charge twice during the day and gives both of us the benefit of earning from the battery and getting cheaper miles.”

Gary Bowers (60) from Glasgow has clocked up 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX (Credit: LEVC)
Gary Bowers (60) from Glasgow has clocked up 280,000 miles in his LEVC TX (Credit: LEVC) (© Andy Buchanan/ UNP 0845 600 7737/© Andy Buchanan/ UNP 0845 600 7737)

“I love the manoeuvrability, the visibility, and the ease of driving. Overall, it’s just a great experience for passengers and a great working environment for the driver,” he added.

The London Electric Vehicle (LEVC) TX is powered by a hybrid system that sees a 1.5-litre petrol engine kick in to charge the onboard 33kWh battery pack when there is insufficient charge to run in pure EV mode.

In pure EV mode, it can run for around 78-miles, while the total range-extended capacity is 333 miles. For many cab drivers overing short, inner-city hops, it is possible to run on pure EV mode most of the time, especially if the vehicle is plugged in and charged regularly.

Inside, there is flexible space for up to six passengers, while all vehicles include an integrated wheelchair ramp enabling the TX to accommodate a forward-facing wheelchair – the only taxi of its kind to do so.

Alex Nan, CEO, LEVC commented: “Since its launch, the TX has delivered an unrivalled sustainable mobility solution, with more than 788 million miles travelled in TX taxis globally since launch, and more than 240,000 tonnes of CO2 saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.”