Love Island contestants coupled up by relationship rankings

The ITV dating series has returned.

Love Island
Love Island (Joe Lanario/ITV)

Love Island contestants have been coupled up based on how they were ranked by fellow contestants in terms of relationship material, in the first episode of the new series.

The ITV dating series returned on Monday, introducing more contestants to the villa, with host Maya Jama making an entrance in a white frock.

She told the residents: “First impressions count. Boys and girls, I now want you to rate each other in order of who you think has come across the most like boyfriend and girlfriend material, right down to who has given the least relationship vibes.”

Jama then revealed the rankings would mean who they were paired with.

The couples included: Mimii Ngulube, 24, a mental health nurse from Portsmouth, and Munveer Jabbal, 30, a recruitment manager from Surbiton; and Nicole Samuel, 24, an accounts manager from Aberdare, and Sean Stone, 24, a salesman from Hertford.

Other partners were Samantha Kenny, 26, a make-up artist from Liverpool, and Sam Taylor, 23, a hair stylist from Chesterfield; Harriett Blackmore, 24, a dancer and personal shopper from Brighton, and Ciaran Davies, 21, a surveyor from Pencoed, South Wales; and Jess White, 25, a retail manager from Stockport, and semi-professional footballer Ronnie Vint, 27, from London.

Ayo Odukoya, 25, a model from Canning Town, and Patsy Field, 29, an office administrator from Orpington, were also joined together.

Patsy, who was born with Erb’s palsy – a paralysis of the arm caused by injury to the upper group of the arm’s main nerves resulting from a difficult birth – revealed that she shares her bed with her mother.

She explained that her mother did not have a place in her home for her to stay except for in the same room.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ciaran admitted to “being with” a woman over the age of 40 when he was 18.