Dundonald open farm delivering fresh dairy products to vulnerable customers targeted with abuse online

Chris Wilson, a co-owner of Streamvale Open Farm, revealed on social media yesterday that the family-owned business had been targeted with online abuse by people claiming to be members of the vegan community
Marie Louise McConville

THE owner of one of Northern Ireland's most popular open farms has revealed he and his family have been targeted by online trolls who have "slated" them for delivering dairy products to the doors of the vulnerable.

Chris Wilson, a co-owner of Streamvale Open Farm in Dundonald, said his pregnant wife, Helen, who looks after the farm's social media page, has been left "devastated" after receiving abuse from people claiming to be members of the vegan community.

Mr Wilson said the abuse had been targeted at the family-owned business after it introduced a new fresh food delivery service to continue to raise the funds needed to look after its 500 animals during the lockdown.

The `Moo To You' service offers customers the chance to order fresh products, including milk, cheese, yoghurts and butter, made with the help of the farm's dairy cows and have them delivered to their door with no contact needed.

Yesterday, Mr Wilson revealed his family had been targeted by online trolls.

Posting a video on Facebook, the businessman said it was "unbelievable" to receive such abuse when he is up early each day, looking after the animals and working until late at night delivering to those who can't get out to the shops.

"There's plenty of doctors and nurses (who) are doing far more than me but whenever you go out of your way to help people and care for the animals to the extent we wife Helen, who would run our social media page, is sitting at home devastated because of the attacks from vegans that what we are doing is wrong. I don't think it's right".

Mr Wilson said the comments had accused the farm of being "cruel", of planning to "slaughter" the news lambs at Easter and also criticised the new `Moo To You' service.

"I'm upset for my wife who is feeling very anxious over the whole thing and I don't think it's fair.

"Let us do what we do and you do what you do".

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