ANALYSIS: Parents juggling own workload with children's learning

Most children are now doing their school work at home

PARENTS appear to be having a blast helping their kids with school work - if social media is to be believed.

But we know that those posting online represent a tiny percentage and their videos do not give a reliable overall picture.

It is probably fair to say that some are handling the situation much better than others.

For many, the school shutdown presents the challenge of managing children's education while trying to maintain their own workload.

On Wednesday, this paper carried two articles about home schooling, which highlighted contrasting experiences.

In one, parents spoke of their fears. In the other, teachers praised mums and dads who had seized a great opportunity to learn with their children.

Helping with homework and supervision should be fairly straightforward. There is plenty of advice online about how to structure each day and schools are also providing remote support.

But the home cannot replicate all the services provided by schools and other bodies.

The children's commissioner highlighted the issue of young people who require physical, social and emotional support, for example.

And, Parentline NI has received a high volume of calls over the last few days from those seeking help.

This period is more than about sharing home schooling successes and `fails' online for laughs and praise.

The role that parents will play over the coming months will have a huge impact on children's education in the longer term.

For some, though, the Easter `holiday' cannot come soon enough.

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