Coronavirus: Arlene Foster has spoken out against abuse directed at shop workers

DUP leader and First Minister Arlene Foster speaking in the assembly chamber

First Minister Arlene Foster has spoken out against the abuse directed at shop workers if hand sanitisers are not available.

She described reports of abuse of shop workers as “disgusting”.

“This community doesn’t need selfishness and certainly doesn’t need abuse.

“I was told today in one of my local chemist shops that workers were being abused because they didn’t have hand sanitisers available.

"Now I have to say these abusers need to be called out, the behaviour is disgusting, I will not stand for it and I will call out selfishness and abusive behaviour whenever I see it,” she added.

Speaking at the Northern Ireland Executive’s daily statement, Mrs Foster started her statement by praising front-line healthcare workers, teachers stepping forward to look after the children of key workers, home bakeries, restaurants and shop workers.

“These people are the very embodiment of what I talk about when I say there is a need to embrace a giant spirit, the spirit of Northern Ireland,” she said.

Nine new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Northern Ireland, bringing the total number detected so far to 86.

The total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the UK now stands at 177.

There have been 167 in England, six in Scotland, three in Wales and one in Northern Ireland.

The number of deaths across the UK is up 40 on the equivalent total for yesterday.

This is the biggest day-on-day rise since the outbreak began.

The first coronavirus-related death in the UK was reported 15 days ago, on March 5.


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