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Dealing with conflict at work

Conflict in the workplace is a tricky issue businesses must be prepared to tackle 

Do you or your team need to get better at dealing with conflict at work and having difficult conversations? It can take up a lot of time and damage productivity if personality clashes aren't handled properly. What do you need to do, to resolve an issue so it doesn't keep reappearing?

This week we're talking to Amy Gallo, a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review and author of The HBR Guide to managing conflict at work. She has tips on how to deal with different personalities, stop fighting among staff and how to get the best out of people.

Plus, we'll show you how to cut your water bills. For a business water bills can be between one and two percent of a companies turnover. Many firms don't realise they're entitled to a rebate; confusingly it's called the domestic allowance. It's worth £500 a year and if you haven't been claiming, it you can backdate it for as much as six years.

We'll hear from the consumer council about how to go about claiming that cash back.


This week's start-up is MakeMatic. They are aiming to help teachers prepare to use technology in the classroom. Clients already include government agenices and Microsoft. Listen in and see what you think about their proposition.

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The Profit Margin Podcast