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Do you know your pension ‘fun facts’?

Michael Kennedy
SURVEY after survey has shown that, as pension savers, we fail to understand our pensions, and so we are saving blind: we do not know how our pensions work, how much we will get when we retire, and how we can influence that final income by choosing to save more now.

Looking at the upsides of Bitcoin

Peter McGahan
GIVEN Joe Biden’s inauguration in the USA followed by his move to protect the environment, I broke the column chain I was going to cover last week on Bitcoin to cover ESG markets (in short ethical and sustainable models of investing).

Gender pay gap likely to get worse before it can get better . . .

Michael Kennedy
WELCOME to a brand new, if slightly unusual, New Year! And it brings with it some incredible news about the effects of the ‘Covid-19 Effect’ on the ability of women, and young women in particular, to save, and highlights why they would benefit from financial advice.

As self-assessment deadline looms, what are your options?

Siobhan McCreesh
QUESTION: As the self-assessment filing deadline and payment date approaches, I'm concerned that I may not be able to pay my tax liability in full and was considering not filing my return until later in the year.