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Last minute tax planning - what you should know

Paddy Harty
QUESTION: With the tax year end fast approaching, is there any last minute tax planning that I should be considering? ANSWER: With just 10 days to go to the end of the UK income tax year on April 5 there is still time to undertake income and capital gains tax (CGT) planning to avail of any reliefs still unused.

'Review, review. review, review'

Michael Kennedy
DID you know that April 6th is the official first day of spring for financial advisers? It’s the start of the new tax year! An uplifting time of renewal, rebirth, and new tax allowances, a time when, in the mists of early dawn, we advisers hold our electronic calculators towards the rising sun and chant: “Review, review.

Mortgage stress test at 7 per cent

Peter McGahan
AS a 16-year-old, William Shakespeare held little other than an unwanted puzzle, or an obstruction to a football pitch or running track.

The Easy way to save with an Isa

Michael Kennedy
Did you know, opening an Isa has just become even easier? Okay, it was never too hard, but this week it has become really ‘easy’ – because everybody’s favourite entrepreneur, Stelios, has just launched the ‘easyIsa’.

Debt domino effect on economy

Peter McGahan
I REMEMBER the domino world record attempt that was thwarted by an insect during set up – one simple nudge.

Can I receive tax boost like my golf partner?

Janette Burns
QUESTION: During my golf game last Saturday, I was shocked to hear that my golf partner had managed to extract cash from his business and paid only 10 per cent tax.

Are you safe from ‘pensioner poverty’?

Michael Kennedy
A NEW report on incomes and poverty was published last Tuesday by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a well-respected think tank that examines social issues in the UK.

Savage buy-to-let remortgage lottery

Peter McGahan
FOR some, the words buy-to-let ‘landlord’ might drag us back to the feudal system from which it was derived, and give the meaning: ‘the bad man in top hat with lots of money’.

The pensions gender gap

Gareth McKeown
AS you may remember, we recently looked at a report from the pensions company Aegon which highlighted the pensions saving gap between men and women.

House price imperfect storm?

Peter McGahan
NEWS that house prices dipped in January shouldn’t come as a surprise, with new buyer enquiries falling for the tenth consecutive month, sales dipping and valuations (for potential sales) showing no signs of optimism.

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