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Why BIDs are vital to our towns and city centres

Kathleen McBride
FIVE years ago the first Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) were launched in Northern Ireland, and now three of them, including Belfast One, are asking businesses in their area to re-elect them.

Companies in the lurch - insurance companies not recognising judgment

James Turner
A JUDGMENT handed down by the Supreme Court which allowed the appeal brought by the Financial Conduct Authority on behalf of policyholders of Business Interruption Insurance (BII) policies bodes well for a broad range of businesses and sectors across Northern Ireland A successful insurance claim, specifically relating to the industry’s most adversely impacted including hospitality and leisure, professional services, retail, construction and manufacturing, may well allow them to pay rents or other essential expenses while closed, leaving them with a business to come back to once restrictions are lifted.

Into the light?

Cathy Dixon
NEXT week the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, unveils his much-anticipated budget.

Transforming digital health in a heart beat

Ben Carter
WEARABLE tech that monitors your heart rate has been around for a long time but most of it delivered very basic metrics which did little more than help us monitor our activity.

Italy's lesson for investors

Cahir Gilheaney
IT'S been another interesting couple of weeks, when we have seen risk assets rallying against some of what would be perceived as the safer havens of investing.

Frictionless trade in Northern Ireland? Not yet

Naomi Clohisey
GIVEN the events of the last few weeks, it’s fair to say that Northern Ireland has some hurdles to overcome in order avail of its unique position as a frictionless trading gateway to both Great Britain and the EU.

Strategic planning in uncertain times

David Braziel
HOW do you plan for the year ahead when so much is uncertain? How do we establish a strategy when the landscape and rules are changing around us daily? It's a challenge.

Beds, shed and politicians . . .

Declan Flynn
WITH the daily news diet being dominated by Covid-19, Brexit and more recently the impact of the Northern Irish Protocol, it is easy to lose sight of where the opportunities are in our market.