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Check the rear view mirror...

Cahir Gilheaney
THIS week, we take a look back at the first quarter of 2021 to see if we can get a sense of how things are shaping up for the rest of the year.

Claire Aiken: The corporation tax ship has finally sailed...

Claire Aiken
I’M NOT sure there has ever been a policy which hasn’t actually seen the cold light of day that has been more lobbied, discussed, written about or broadcast than the implementation of corporation tax powers in Northern Ireland.

Employers’ obligations as they prepare for safe return to work

Rosemary Lundy
A RECENTLY-leaked proposal by UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock to make vaccinations against Covid-19 mandatory for care workers in England garnered significant media interest and no shortage of controversy around the rights and wrongs of the idea.

More to a healthy workplace than a bowl of fruit

John Ryan
MANY organisations have a well-intentioned but superficial view on health and believe it is about implementing health and safety legislation, fruit in the office, maybe desk yoga, cycle to work schemes, mental health talks or well-being days.

Inflation - mothballs in the closet?

Cahir Gilheaney
WE'VE seen another period of government bonds under the spotlight for investors, as yields rise, and the associated prices fall across the globe.

People have prioritised their homes during pandemic

Samuel Dickey
LAST year home-owners are said to have spent on average over £2,600 on improving their property - significantly higher than the year before - due to being housebound during much of 2020.