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Integrating social value into capital investment programmes

Claire Aiken
AS Northern Ireland embarks on a period of transformational change in a post-Covid and new sustainable era, the much-needed infrastructural development required to support it must not only deliver upon core objectives but must also create genuine social value.

More easy inheritance tax tips

FOLLOWING on from my two recent columns on inheritance tax, I have a couple more useful tips from your questions that you might find useful.

Is commercial property a good investment?

Declan Flynn
THE office investment market has been relatively stable throughout the last decade and the star performer recently has been industrial property, which has seen values rise considerably.

Richard Collins: Carbon has become our new currency . . .

Richard Collins
IT'S been a pleasure to meet with Northern Ireland-based members of RICS over the past few days, during a visit by myself and RICS president Clement Lau about a wide range of issues, including one that affects us all, climate change.

Richard Ramsey: Working 9 to 2?

Richard Ramsey
DOLLY Parton famously sang about the grind of working 9 to 5 and the routine of stumbling out of bed, making coffee and battling the traffic five days a week.

Technology to the fore at COP26 summit

Thomas O'Hagan
WRITING in this newspaper last month, I put forward the argument that technology and digital solutions would provide many of the answers to the question of how we effectively tackle climate change.