New survey to gather evidence on management practices in Northern Ireland

The NI Management Practices Survey will measure how local businesses perform relative to best practice.

A NEW survey has been launched by Queen’s University academics to help analyse and understand management practices in Northern Ireland.

Professor John Turner and Dr David Jordan last year published a report examining existing research on the low rates of productivity in Northern Ireland.

The academics have now partnered with the Northern Ireland Productivity Forum to conduct the Northern Ireland Management Practices Survey 2022.

They said the survey will measure how local businesses perform relative to best practice, and help identify where they can improve their performance, by calculating a management practice score for those that complete the survey.

John Turner is professor at Queen’s Management School and the lead for the NI Productivity Forum.

He said: “Northern Ireland has the lowest productivity of any UK region, with a 20 per cent gap to the UK average.

“International evidence shows a strong link between management practices and low productivity, but we have very little evidence for Northern Ireland.

“The aim of the survey is to understand how management practices vary across different types of businesses and across different sectors in Northern Ireland.

“In return for completing the survey, each business can opt-in to receive their own management practices score, which will be benchmarked relative to their peers and best practice.”

Dr Jordan added: “By surveying a large number of businesses across Northern Ireland, it will create a new evidence base for policymakers when considering how best to support local business and raise productivity.”

Further information about the survey is available here.

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