New north coast distillery unveils its first 'giant's spirit'

Basalt Distillery's new Giants Basalt Rock Gin in its signature hexagonal bottle.

A NEW independent distillery opened near Bushmills has unveiled its first release.

Giants Basalt Rock Gin is the first spirit from James Richardson and Martha Garbe’s Basalt Distillery.

Interlinked with the geography and heritage of the nearby Giant’s Causeway, the pair said their new venture represents a departure from traditional craft distilling with an emphasis on the latest sustainable processes, cutting-edge distilling technology and a focus on precision.

Owner, James Richardson (24), from Coleraine said: “Martha and I both have master’s degrees in chemical engineering and we apply that meticulous scientific approach to distilling.

“This is a step away from the hand-made, craft approach. It’s something new, built on precision and accuracy as a way of creating the most incredible flavours and high-quality spirits.”

He said the distillery, which is due to open for visitor experiences next summer, uses state-of-the-art technology, with plans to bring additional products to the market in future.

Ms Garbe added: “Our flagship product is Giants Basalt Rock Gin - inspired by the basalt rock that filters our water from our own 600ft well.”

“Some of our key botanicals have been selected from the coastal regions of Northern Ireland including Kombu Royale which gives a salty forward flavour followed by hints of mint, and sea buckthorn with a sour forward flavour and a slight fruity sweetness supporting flavour.

“The third key botanical is from further afield - tailed peppers, or piper cubeba - which brings peppery spices and a slight bitterness. All of these botanicals contribute to the complex, bold, three-dimensional flavour profile that’s carried by our high 50.1 per cent ABV and brings on heat and a kick.

“We really wanted to create a unique gin with powerful flavours - a bold, strong gin full of heat and spice to represent a 'giants' spirit.”

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