Fibrus passes 50,000 premises milestone

Fibrus says it has smashed a major milestone of 50,000 premises in its roll-out of full fibre across the north

TELECOMS provider Fibrus has passed the 50,000 premises milestone in its roll out of full fibre to rural and regional under-served areas in Northern Ireland.

With a total planned capital investment of over £350million in infrastructure, it says it is currently rolling out at a speed of 14km a day.

And Fibrus - which last year was awarded Project Stratum, the Stormont-backed multi-million pound contract to transform broadband connectivity for 76,000 homes and businesses across the north - insists it is on track to surpass its 100,000 premises target by the end of this year.

Chief executive Dominic Kearns said: “We've travelled the length and breadth of Northern Ireland, meeting local communities and introducing our hyper-fast full fibre network to their areas, and we are delighted to have now passed just over 58,000 premises in such a short period of time.

“Our build rate of 14km of cable every day is phenomenal for a company like ours, which is still scaling up.

“We're proud of all our people and teams, those in the office, those working from home and those on the ground, who are improving people lives by delivering this project.

“It is their commitment to delivering the vision of this company that has enabled us to reach communities that until now have been left in the digital wilderness.”

He added: “We're well on our way to delivering to over 40 per cent of the homes and businesses, and we believe Northern Ireland will be the first region on these islands to have 100 per cent coverage of full fibre broadband.”

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