Derry tech firm Elemental awarded place on NHS GP IT Futures framework

Elemental Software co-founders Jennifer Neff (left) and Leeann Monk-Ozgul (right).

DERRY-based Elemental Software has become the first social prescribing software provider to be awarded a place on the key NHS GP IT futures framework.

The tech firm specialises in social prescribing consultancy services and technology, bridging the gap between health, housing and communities with a range of digital solutions designed to support the strategy and practice of self-care and independence.

The inclusion will make it easier for around 7,000 GP practices in England to choose the tech firm's software solutions, with the potential to significantly accelerate the adoption of its digital platform.

Nearly 12,000 GPs, nurses, practice managers, social workers and other government staff are already making referrals via the Elemental platform, which is the only digital social prescribing software integrated with all three GP systems used in the UK.

It follows a 147 per cent surge in the number of people seeking social support during the pandemic.

Co-Founder Jennifer Neff said: “Over the last few years, we've spoken to many GPs and commissioners who have struggled with the current state of systems at GP practices and who have been limited in procurement choice and availability across social prescribing and personalised care, so for us, this is a huge step towards better choice for professionals, and better outcomes for patients.”

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