iCheck offers first line defence for combating Covid

DUBLIN-based broadcast engineering company BTS, which has been serving the technical needs of the Irish radio broadcast industry for more than three decades, has developed an enhanced device providing contactless temperature and face recognition access control which is supporting getting people back to work in the current Covid pandemic.

It's iCheck access control is already being utilised by a number of client broadcasters across the island, including Q Radio's operations across the north.

And now the unique product is being targeted at a range of other sectors, including hospitality and manufacturing, and in areas where shared contact facilities pose a higher risk of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Since the outbreak of Covid, body temperature detection has become an essential means to help identify and prevent the spread of the virus.

Using hand-held infrared thermometers requires a person to operate at a short distance, bringing staff, visitors, and members of the public in close contact. This leads to slowing through flow, and provides limited contact tracing or history record. It also required staff to specifically measure an individual's temperature within close proximity.

But iCheck - which can easily integrate with other safety systems - works in an entirely different way.

It's face recognition access control can quickly detect elevated body temperature at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 metres. It also avoids the risk of personal contact and transmission.

iCheck can also replace fingerprint identification, consequently removing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of infection.

"iCheck offers a first line of defence for combating Covid-19 within your business," according to Joe King, chief executive of the BTS Alliance, which has been providing technology solutions to a wide range of industries beyond broadcasting, including healthcare and communications.

"With the advanced AI screening at point of entry to your building, iCheck helps in detection of potential Covid-19 cases, preventing and mitigating where possible, the spread of infection and providing staff and visitors with prompt peace of mind."

:: Further details on the system is available by emailing, phoning +44 7564 515420 or at

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