Co Antrim biosciences firm develops new hand sanitiser

Stephen Mullan (left), Torax Biosciences lab technician with Dr Lawrence McGrath.

A CO Antrim biosciences company has launched a new hand sanitiser it says can kill 99.99 per cent of bacteria and viruses.

Newtownabbey firm Torax Biosciences was set up in 2014 by clinical researcher Dr Lawrence McGrath.

It’s the latest company to adapt its business to develop a product in response to Covid-19.

Dr McGrath said his firm’s product ToraSan features a minimum concentration of 75% isopropyl in line with WHO guidelines.

“As the threat persists, it is important that people continue to be vigilant and use a high-quality, clinically approved sanitiser capable of protecting everyone – from staff and customers to families and loved ones,” he said.

The company is retaining all ToraSan profits to fund new scientific posts focused on research into the production of diagnostics for preeclampsia for use in developing countries where the condition can affect up to 16 per cent of pregnancies and is often fatal.

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