Spilling the beans on Wanted.Coffee

Martin Symington (right), master roaster at Wanted.Coffee, and Frank McGrady from Marks Design unveil the new Wanted.Coffee club that delivers small batch, single origin, freshly-ground coffee to your door every month

A LISBURN-based group of coffee experts has launched an online subscription club service called Wanted.Coffee to allow discerning coffee connoisseurs across the UK and Ireland to receive a micro-lot of coffee direct to their door every month.

Entrepreneur and master roaster Martin Symington owns Pure Roast, which has supplied a number of distinguished global brands, including airlines and coffee houses, for more than a decade.

He says: “Every month we roast a variety of coffee beans, and subscription customers can now receive micro-lots, which are essentially very small batches of the best of the best coffee beans, roasted by the team at Wanted.Coffee (

"Our roasting expertise enhances the natural characteristics and flavours of these rare beans, creating a truly unique coffee that is unseen anywhere else.”

He adds: “Education is a big part of the subscription and coffee club business. We tell our customers about our coffee, how it’s grown and how it has been roasted. We teach them different ways to brew it.

"Also, to ensure customers are aware of the flavours they’re sampling, we’ve created a short tasting card for every single one of our unique roasts. Customers can also opt to have their selection delivered as whole bean or in ground format.”

Martin says the coffee market is growing globally with markets such as China only starting to embrace the coffee club phenomenon.

He adds: “Over the last decade coffee has occupied a psychic-cultural space known collectively as ‘the third wave of coffee’, which is useful in thinking about coffee’s development into something culinary and revered.

"The surge in the wave is now happening in directly sourced coffee. As more and more people fall in love with coffee every day, they want the option to choose new flavours. We’re calling this 'the new wave of coffee'.”

Frank McGrady, director at Marks Design, says: “Wanted.Coffee provides coffee club members with a portfolio of pricing plans, tailored to their unique needs.

"Every month we line up three of the most exclusive coffees we can find. You take a shot on the one you think you’ll like the most, and then start a new round next month. It’s unique, exclusive and for people who are serious about coffee. In a world overflowing with average, the most unusual, most unique, is always the most wanted.”

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