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Could you write a short story for children in Irish? And Spongebob Sqaurepants as Gaeilge comes to Netflix

AYE AYE CAPTAIN: The SpongeBob Movie can now be watched on Netflix completely dubbed in Irish, a boon for locked-down children and parents. 
Robert McMillen

IF YOU ARE a writer in Irish or English and have written for children then the latest Culture Matters project will be of interest to you.

Encouraged by the great success of their poetry and prose anthologies, both nationally and internationally, and supported by the Irish labour movement, Culture Matters would like to complement this project of collecting working people’s writings in contemporary Ireland with a third volume.

The theme of this third anthology is poetry, songs, stories, modern re-telling of traditional children’s stories and non-fiction for children. The anticipated age group is up to 12 years old. 

“There is a long tradition of socialist and working-class writing for children, says Jenny Farrell, Associate Editor at Culture Matters.  

“One can go back to William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, but the tradition continues unbroken to this day and included writers such as Mary Ellen Cregan, Pádraic Pearse, Brendan Behan, Liam O’Flaherty, Linda Anderson. 

“The purpose of this anthology is to collect a volume specifically dedicated to the disadvantaged/underprivileged children in Irish society. 

“By doing that, we hope to furnish children with texts that will leave lasting memories, help them understand society, teach them the importance of questioning, of not inheriting mainstream prejudices, and inspire them to eventually help change society for a better future,” she says.

The anthology will be professionally illustrated with complementary artwork and the hope is also to attract contributors in Ireland with a migratory or refugee background. 

The deadline for submission is 31 July 2021 and submissions to be sent to:

:: Parents struggling with home schooling will be delighted to hear that the Irish language Spongebob film is now available on Netflix! 

SpongeBob The Movie: Run Sponge Run was created by Macalla Teo, with support from TG4 and Paramount Pictures, the first Irish language version of a film on Netflix.

Sponge Out of Water was the first Irish language children’s film from an international distributor to be released in cinemas in 2015.

“Aye-aye, captain!”

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