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Arts Q&A: Comedian Darren Matthews on AC/DC, Star Wars and comics

Jenny Lee
1. When did you think about a career in comedy and what were your first steps into it? I played drums in bands for years and got bored working with other musicians so not being able to play the guitar this was my only way to go solo and keep being the attention-seeking middle child I never knew I was.

Binding body, mind and soul

Gail Bell
THE healing place of the soul, the enduring motto of Armagh's iconic Robinson Library, has helped inspire a collaborative new art film marking the building's 250th anniversary.

New Belfast choir ready to move in harmony

Gail Bell
SANDY Cuthbert is at home at Ballyhackamore in east Belfast, excitedly explaining in her cadenced "slightly posh" Geordie accent, that all voices, wherever they're from and however tuneful, are remarkably redundant in a visionary new 'choir' which has classes starting up across the city this week.