Noise Annoys: New music from Warriors of The Dystotheque, Paper Tigers and The Deadlifts, plus Stendhal opens for 2022 artist applications...

New music from Warriors of The Dystotheque, Paper Tigers and The Deadlifts, plus Stendhal opens for 2022 artist applications...

Jonny Mac of Warriors of The Dystotheque

:: Warriors of The Dystotheque – Broken Minds (single, Fly Beat)

FIRST up this week is a long-overdue review of the latest tune from Warriors of The Dystotheque, everyone's favourite Derry/Coventry/Toulouse/NYC dance combo.

Beguilingly jazzy with an abundance of skittery beats, mournful brass and brooding double bass, Broken Minds is a downtempo anthem from Jonny Mac and co, once again featuring vocalist Lydia Kaye (Kalahara) and the sonic skills of producer extraordinaire Howie B who worked on the band's previous single, Lost in Your Silence.

Another tune taken from the Warriors' upcoming debut LP, Broken Minds comes backed with a couple of tasty remixes courtesy of DJ Enfusion, who transforms the track into a nicely trippy/gritty drum 'n' bass flavoured number, and Jay Kay's mellow house treatment.

"Broken Minds was inspired by places that both Jonny and I have been to in our lives," explains Kaye, "making wrong choices and becoming reliant on substances to numb the pain.

"The time comes when you know you have to make a change but you're not sure how to start or where to turn, because at the time it feels more comfortable to stay where you are.

"With time and perspective, the way out presents itself but so does the endless desire for more time to make up for those heady days of chaos."

Listen now at

Paper Tigers have a new single out now. Picture by Y-Control Photography

:: Paper Tigers – Blue Light Trails & Graceless (singles, self-released)

BELFAST's Paper Tigers have been busy lately, what with their first ever headline UK tour and gearing up for the release of their upcoming debut EP, Graceless.

Thus far, a couple of singles have escaped in the form of Blue Light Trails and the title track. The former is nicely noisy yet memorably melodic indie rocking ode to the ups and downs of late night/early morning hedonism, which feels thematically tied to the latter tune, the quartet's current release.

Graceless has a distinctly woozy and worn out morning-after-the-night-before feel to it, the alternately spiralling and crunching guitars contrasting nicely with singer Hayley's emotive, anthemic vocal.

Apparently, "Blue Light Trails is the story of a million different people all over the world, running towards the weekend, towards the inebriated escapism that removes them from themselves and the monotony of the working week spent in servitude to someone else's needs.

"In that escapism, there's a quiet desperation filling a void with the false happiness of alcohol and whatever else they can get their hands on. It's a coping mechanism, fleeing from something inside yourself, lying to yourself that this is all fine and waking up the next day, every week, with the bitter realisation that it's not OK. It's about how it makes you feel graceless."

Ah-ha, told you they were linked.

"Graceless deals with the internal struggle of self-doubt and, through self-doubt, then self-sabotage. It's the vicious circle of overthinking, tearing yourself apart, over analysing every little thing until you make yourself feel graceless."

I'm sensing a theme here. Absorb both tunes for yourself right now at and don't forget that Paper Tigers will soon be in action supporting the mighty Dangerfields on the second leg of their upcoming two-night 20th/21st anniversary stand at the Belfast Barge on December 17 and 18 – which, luckily for you, is the only date with tickets left on sale.

Other supporting turns on the night will come from Rodan and So Long Until the Seance, and your captain for the evening will be stand-up comedian/badass MC, Darren Matthews.

Get involved via

Stendhal 2022 is now open for artist applications

:: Stendhal opens for artist applications

THE Stendhal Festival has just opened its annual application process. The organisers of the award-winning Limavady music/arts festival are once again keen to hear from as many musicians, comedians and poets et al who would like to be part of next year's event which is scheduled for the weekend of June 30 to July 2.

Event director Ross Parkhill says: "We say this every year and it still rings true, the submission process is always one of our favourite times of the year. We love discovering new music, new artists and new performers and the submissions always throw up some absolutely brilliant discoveries."

"We first discovered acts like Ryan McMullan, Soak and JC Stewart through our annual submission process and this year we are delighted to open the net wider than just musicians.

"We want to hear from poets, visual artists of all kinds, comedians, dancers, theatre groups and basically anyone who would like to get on stage at Stendhal and wow our audience with something special."

To apply, simply complete the online form found at The submission process is open until Friday December 10.

The Deadlifts's single Christmas Trees is out now

:: The Deadlifts – Christmas Trees (single, self-released)

"IIIIIIIIIIT'S CHRRRRIIIIIII–" ~slap~ Just hold your horses a sec there, Noddy, it's actually not Christmas just yet. However, now that December has arrived, I suppose it's finally permissible to start trying to get into something approaching a festive mood.

Yes, let's all try to just ignore the looming wave of Omicron that may very well have us locked down again on the 'big day' itself by engaging in a little CBT-style tree decoration, perhaps while digging into that panic-bought stash of mince pies and listening to a Christmas tune or two.

There's a new local offering of that nature for your consideration and it comes from a rather unlikely source: Belfast's Duellists are best known for their bruising brand of post-hardcore informed noisemaking, but now Mike, Pete and Russ have apparently sold their souls to Santa by re-branding as The Deadlifts and releasing their very own 'yuletide favourite'.

Christmas Trees finds the trio trading in their usual savage guitar abuse, pounding drums and manly shouting for melodic crooning, jaunty acoustic guitar strumming, tinkled ivories, sweetly bowed strings and (Grandad, forgive them) what might very well be actual children's backing vocals.

It's a maddeningly catchy affair that's as sickly sweet as eating an entire selection box in one go. However, since all proceeds from the tune are being donated to the NI Children's Hospice, I suppose we'll have to give them a pass.

The band explain: "As the holly did grow from the cold yet glowing branches, an idea grew within the Deadlifts stable to write a festive song to unite the nations.

"As the disgruntled four walked through a snowstorm of despair they searched the glistening skies searching for hope in a hopeless world when suddenly they spotted a stark Christmas tree through a window reflecting hope on all those who looked on hand in hand.

"In this very moment, the Northern Irish quartet knew that everything was going to be OK – it was in this very moment that this future festive classic was born."

Judge for yourself at where you can purchase Christmas Trees for £2. See how many times you can listen without stuffing mince pies into your ears.

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