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Bloody Sunday drama brought to life in Guildhall on 50th anniversary

Jenny Lee
EXACTLY 50 years on from the darkest day in Derry's history, the city's Guildhall will be host to a new drama inspired by the enduring image of Fr Edward Daly waving a blood-soaked handkerchief as he led a group of people carrying one of Bloody Sunday's victims - 17-year-old Jackie Duddy -from the scene of the shooting.

Northern Ireland established in 1921 as 'a cold house for Catholics'

Cormac Moore
KATE Hoey's recent comments, including the controversial view "that many professional vocations have become dominated by those of a nationalist persuasion", have attracted widespread criticism, particularly by those who welcome the fact that discrimination against nationalists in Northern Ireland is no longer open and prevalent.

Edy Fung: God is in the details - still

Jane Hardy
WHEN does conceptual art crackle and when does it remain a clever doodle on the back of the envelope? This thought came to mind after viewing Edy Fung's intriguing, philosophical show at The Golden Thread Gallery.

When life's a beach

By Danielle de Wolfe, PA
AS THE age old saying goes, you should never meet your heroes.