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Also released: Rambo: Last Blood, The Kitchen

Damon Smith
:: RAMBO: LAST BLOOD (18, 89 mins) SYLVESTER Stallone reprises his role as a former Green Beret haunted by the spectre of Vietnam in a fifth and final instalment of the franchise, which began in 1982 with First Blood based on the book by David Morrell.

'Hellish history repeats itself' in horror sequel It Chapter Two

Damon Smith
IN AN early scene of director Andy Muschietti's return to the highest-grossing horror film of all time, an emotionally crippled character – a novelist turned screenwriter – becomes the butt of a running joke about his inability to write a satisfying ending.

Cult Movie: Cult classic Easy Rider a road trip worth re-taking

Ralph McLean
Peter Fonda RIP THE very day before news of Peter Fonda's death from cancer at the age of 79 filtered through on social media last week, I was aimlessly flicking through the TV channels desperately looking for something to catch my interest among the broadcasting landfill of the late night schedules when I noticed that the Sony Movie Channel was showing Easy Rider.

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