Back on the big screen: 30 Under 30

Gary Cole is the boss from hell in Mike Judge's classic comedy Office Space

WHILE the fact that so many cinemas are now hosting hugely popular 'classic movie' screenings could be considered a damning indictment of modern Hollywood's current craze for turgid CGI-powered comic book adaptations and endless 'reboots', it at least means that movie fans are getting a chance to revisit old favourites and investigate 'ones that got away' as they were meant to be seen.

To this end, the good folks at QFT, Belfast Film Festival, Cinemagic, Strand Arts Centre and the Nerve Centre in Derry have come up with 30 films they think younger audiences should experience at the cinema before they're officially declared 'over the hill' at age 30.

Cunningly titled 30 Under 30, the ongoing season includes some true gems; from the romantic French fantasy of Amelie (September 3) and My Life As A Dog's quirky Swedish coming of age tale (September 4) to Slacker's freewheeling trawl through Gen X Austin (October 4) and the amusing millennial 'mumblecore' angst of Tiny Furniture (October 18).

It also brings us big screen revivals for David Fincher's serial killer masterpiece Se7en (September 9), Office Space (September 6), Mike Judge's spot-on skewering of drone worker mundanity, Harold & Maude's unconventional countercultural love story (September 20), plus Nic Roeg's cult favourites The Man Who Fell To Earth (September 15) and Performance (September 27), lesser-vaunted Kubrick classic Barry Lyndon (September 22) and The Wicker Man (September 17).

All are well worth (re)watching, whatever your age.

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