ABC Culture Conference 2023 explores The New Cultural Geography of Smaller Places

Ciara O'Neill features in Joe Laverty's Whisper Project

TAKING place on Wednesday at the Market Place Theatre and Arts Centre in Armagh, the ABC Culture Conference will explore the relationship between the creative process and place in small cities and rural regions.

Hosted by broadcaster Marie Louise Muir, the event The New Cultural Geography of Smaller Places will hear from a range of speakers working in inspirational ways across Britain, Ireland and Europe. A variety of artists, activists, civic leaders, politicians, academics and creative thinkers have been invited to attend in order to learn and exchange ideas.

Participants include Dr Cara Courage, Islander Architects, HIVE Choir, Workhouse Union, The Stove Network, Kevin Killen, Dan Thompson, Dr Aisling Rusk, Dr Ali Fitzgibbon, Neil Peterson, Alison Clark and Claire Tymon of Durham Place Labs, Gary McMahon (head of Economic Development, Community & Culture, Galway City Council), Array Collective, Brona Whittaker (head of arts at Arts & Business NI), photographer/ filmmaker Joe Laverty Whisper Project featuring singer Ciara O'Neill.

Tickets and full programme details available via