Downloads: Brad Pitt action spectacular Bullet Train and Disney+ culinary comedy drama The Bear

Damon Smith


Bullet Train: Brad Pitt as Ladybug

BULLET TRAIN (Cert 15, 126 mins, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Action/Comedy/Thriller, available from October 3 on Amazon/BT TV Store/iTunes/Sky Store/TalkTalk TV Store and other download and streaming services, available from October 24 on DVD £19.99/Blu-ray £24.99/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray £36.99)

Starring: Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Bad Bunny, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Sandra Bullock.

NOTORIOUSLY unlucky American assassin Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is keen to return to the killing game.

His handler Maria (Sandra Bullock) eases him back into the job with a simple mission: retrieve a metal briefcase on a high-speed train departing from Tokyo.

Ladybug acquires the asset but as he observes, the pick-up is too easy.

Killers for hire including the twins Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry), The Wolf (Bad Bunny), The Prince (Joey King) and The Hornet (Zazie Beetz) are also on board with diabolical motives linked to the same briefcase.

A venomous stolen snake and a vengeful father (Andrew Koji) become entangled in the bedlam as bullets, knives and other weaponry arc through blood-smeared carriages.

Based on Kotaro Isaka's novel Maria Beetle, Bullet Train is an outlandish comedy thriller, which exploits director David Leitch's strengths as a stunt co-ordinator and performer.

He exploits every nook and cranny inside an increasingly wrecked Shinkansen locomotive as prop-laden backdrops to the frenzied fisticuffs.

Pitt oozes indestructibility from an opening strut down a neon-lit street while Taylor-Johnson and Tyree Henry are an effervescent double-act (the latter's wavering cockney accent operates to its own timetable.)

Over the course of two hours, the hyperkinetic mayhem is exhausting, exacerbated by a fragmented chronology that zigzags between back stories.

On the few occasions that Leitch indulges slow-motion during a melee, he fetishises swordplay or mines humour from bruised passengers flying helplessly through the air, colliding with luggage and airborne contents of a catering trolley.

Our refreshments are a couple of tongue-in-cheek cameos and Pitt's laidback luminosity.

Rating: 3/5


Jeremy Allen White as Carmen in The Bear

THE BEAR (8 episodes, streaming from October 5 exclusively on Disney+, Comedy/Drama)

DISNEY+ serves up a full helping of the comedy drama created by Christopher Storer, which has been commissioned for a second series.

Award-winning New York City chef Carmen Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) is devastated when his older brother Michael (Jon Bernthal) takes his own life, leaving behind a failing family business, The Original Beef Of Chicagoland, and mounting debts.

Carmen returns to the Windy City to reunite with his younger sister Natalie (Abby Elliott), who is a reluctant co-owner of the sandwich shop and has no idea how to turn the enterprise around.

Faced with discord in the kitchen and an unruly staff, Carmen takes charge of day-to-day activities alongside his best friend Richard (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who is supposedly the manager.