Games: Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection an all-singing, all-dancing re-do for PS5

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
Neil McGreevy

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (PS5)
By: Sony

AS A middle-aged man, let's just agree in advance that Raiders of the Lost Ark is Spielberg's finest – and this is coming from someone who sobbed like a baby (which I technically was) at Portadown's St Mary's Hall when the parochial house's Hollywood division snagged E.T..

The theory that the middle film in a trilogy is the best came unstuck with the annoying Temple of Doom (mine cart sequence notwithstanding), but amends were made with Last Crusade, even though its last half hour seemed pilfered from an episode of The Crystal Maze.

But a generation who grew up on One-Eyed Willie, the Truffle Shuffle and Nazi-offing archaeologists could put the awful Crystal Skull out of mind with Uncharted, Sony's mega-budgeted franchise that channelled Spielberg's finest matinee-milking.

The kind of popcorn spectacle only a bottomless wallet can buy – it was Sony's most expensive game at the time – Uncharted 4 saw Nathan Drake's treasure-truffling adventures reach their conclusion with 2016's A Thief's End, as players hunted for the lost loot of infamous pirate Henry Avery.

Playing out like Tomb Raider with testes, it was another globetrotting booty hunt with lashings of gun-slinging and cliff-traversal, as our hero displayed all the upper body strength of a dung beetle. With beefed up stealth, players could take out goons from long grass while a grappling mechanic let Nate literally sling his hook.

If A Thief's End offered more of the series' sausage factory machismo, 2017's follow-up The Lost Legacy saw Uncharted come full Croft, with two female leads venturing to India in pursuit of the Golden Tusk of Ganesh.

Both games are included in this all-singing, all-dancing re-do for PS5. And players who've already derring done on PS4 can upgrade the lot for a tenner.

Including resprayed versions of both earlier efforts, a host of graphical modes let players tweak performance depending on how sharp their eyes desire. Obviously the frame rate takes a hit for the fanciest settings, but less fussy types can opt for 120fps smoothness, which you won't believe isn't butter.

Less pop-in and extended draw distances earn bonus next-gen stripes, but it's the loading times that really shine. What once took the guts of a minute now comes whizzing off your hard drive in around two seconds.

Released today in time to pump fans for next month's woefully miscast Uncharted movie, all online purchases also come with a free ticket to see Tom Holland strut his stuff at your local Cineworld, when you'll no doubt be counting the minutes till you're back home with this PS5 victory lap.

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