Games: Nintendo reveal features for Mario Golf: Super Rush – Walsall course not included

Mario and Luigi are the most successful Italian golfing brothers since Francesco and Edoardo Molinari
Neil McGreevy

Mario Golf features revealed

THOUGH the 2021 PGA Championship may have teed-off at Kiawah Island, armchair linksmen have had little to entertain their golfing fingers on the videogame front of late.

EA's recently announced PGA Tour won't hit consoles until next Spring, but if you fancy getting a virtual round in, Nintendo has you covered. Hitting the Switch on June 25, Mario Golf: Super Rush is the first entry for the venerable cartoon putters since World Tour in 2014.

Nintendo recently showcased several new modes, as well as the game's full character line-up: no Woods or McIlroy here, its roster is instead made up of the Mushroom Kingdom's finest. Mario and Luigi are the most successful Italian golfing brothers since Francesco and Edoardo Molinari, and the pair headline a 16-strong who's-who of the Nintendo family taking to the fairways, including newcomers Chargin' Chuck and King Bob-omb making their series debuts.

Each player has five stats to swell, including power, stamina, speed, control and spin, along with a special shot to give them an edge on the fairway. The biggest new addition with Super Rush is Speed Golf, where players race each other on foot across the course in-between shots, thwacking the ball and other players out of the way en route.

A single-player Story Mode lets you take your Mii character on a journey through the pro ranks, levelling up with experience points gained through mini-games. Pulling the Switch's underused motion controls out of the golf bag, players can swing their nine-iron with real life waggling that hasn't been seen since Wii Sports.

Its leaderboard may boast dinosaurs and anthropomorphic mushrooms, but Mario Golf: Super Rush is the only game in town for sedentary swingers this year. And from putting to potting, Mario has been hitting the headlines this week in Walsall, where local councillors decided to spruce up the West Midlands town with enormous green plant pots.

As a Portadown native, I know eyesores (though the Troubles at least meant they didn't last long) and Walsall's great pottery throwdown has had local residents up in arms, given the planters look like Mario Bros' famous green warp pipes.

The Birmingham Mail reported that the spending has come at a time when its local authority is being asked to cut £29 million from its budget. "It beggars belief. It makes the place like more like something from Super Mario Brothers. They look like those warp pipes Mario jumps down", said a local florist.

Plumbing new depths, the council should have known those piranha plant pots would come back to bite them. Imagine going down a warp pipe and ending up in... Walsall. Is this what they mean by "levelling-up"?

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