New to stream and download: Da 5 Bloods, The Great, Spides, F Is For Family, The Order, LOL: Last One Laughing Australia

Spike Lee's new Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods 
Damon Smith

DA 5 BLOODS (Cert 15, 155 mins, streaming and available to download from June 12 exclusively on Netflix, Drama/War)

ACADEMY Award winner Spike Lee directs a stirring tale of brotherhood and self-sacrifice, co-written by Danny Hilson, Paul De Meo and Kevin Wilmott.

Eddie (Norm Lewis), Melvin (Isiah Whitlock Jr), Otis (Clarke Peters) and Paul (Delroy Lindo) served together in Vietnam under squadron leader Norman (Chadwick Boseman), who never returned home from the war zone.

The veterans venture back to south-eastern Asia in the company of Paul's concerned son David (Jonathan Majors) to honour Norman's memory and unearth buried treasure.

As the five men venture through lush landscapes, they wrestle with harrowing memories, the morality of their actions and face terrifying threats from Mother Nature.

THE GREAT (10 episodes, streaming from June 18 exclusively on StarzPlay, Comedy/Drama/Romance)

TONY McNamara, Oscar-nominated co-writer of the scabrous period comedy The Favourite, mixes another potent cocktail of courtly intrigue, skulduggery and sexual desire in this fictionalised 10-part account of the rise of Catherine the Great.

Elle Fanning plays the young, fresh-faced and idealistic Catherine, who arrives in Russia full of giddy romantic dreams about her arranged marriage to Emperor Peter (Nicholas Hoult).

The new arrival quickly discovers she will be presiding over a melting pot of depravity and corruption that can only be cured with swift and decisive action: namely, killing her husband and challenging the authority of the church and military.

As an outsider in this rarefied world, Catherine will have to work tirelessly to achieve her place in history as Russia's longest reigning female ruler.

SPIDES (8 episodes, starts streaming from June 16 exclusively on NOW TV, Thriller/Drama/Romance)

EXTRA-terrestrials threaten mankind's survival in an eight-part German and American co-production, which broadcasts on SyFy and streams exclusively on NOW TV.

Nora Berger (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) wakes from a coma after taking a new party drug called Bliss, which is sweeping across Berlin.

She has no memory of the past and provides little help to investigators David Leonhart (Falk Hentschel) and Nique Navar (Florence Kasumba), who are hoping to track down missing teenagers, who also took the mysterious narcotic.

Nora begins to make her own inquiries in the hope that she can reclaim fragments of her missing past.

Aided by handsome acquaintance Peter (Lion-Russell Baumann), she uncovers a terrifying conspiracy that places her at the centre of an alien invasion.

F IS FOR FAMILY – SEASON 4 (10 episodes, streaming and available to download from June 12 exclusively on Netflix, Animation/Comedy/Romance)

New life heals old wounds in the politically incorrect 1970s-set animated comedy F Is For Family, created by stand-up comedian Bill Burr and Michael Price, which chronicles the antics of Korean war veteran Frank Murphy (voiced by Burr) and his dysfunctional clan.

This series, Frank and long-suffering wife Sue (Laura Dern) excitedly await a new addition to their dysfunctional brood, which already includes children Kevin (Justin Long), Bill (Hayley Reinhart) and Maureen (Debi Derryberry).

Sibling rivalries are inflamed by the unwelcome arrival of Frank's estranged, bullying father William (Jonathan Banks).

Meanwhile, womanising neighbour Vic (Sam Rockwell) continues to learn painful lessons about the consequences of being led by his libido rather than his head.

LOL: LAST ONE LAUGHING AUSTRALIA (6 episodes, starts streaming from June 18 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Comedy)

PITCH Perfect star Rebel Wilson hosts the first-of-its-kind comedy social experiment, which brings together 10 Australian stand-ups for a battle of the fittest and funniest.

The rules are simple. Over the course of six hours, competitors can say or do whatever they like to make their rivals laugh.

If someone titters softly, they receive a yellow card and a second offence receives a red card.

That comedian will be eliminated from the tournament and forfeit the chance to collect the 100,000 dollar top prize.

The hopefuls are Nick Cody, Joel Creasey, Anne Edmonds, Nazeem Hussain, Dilruk Jayasinha, Ed Kavalee, Becky Lucas, Sam Simmons, Frank Woodley and Susie Youssef.

THE ORDER – SEASON 2 (10 episodes, streaming and available to download from June 18 exclusively on Netflix, Thriller/Horror/Drama/Romance)

MAGIC pulses through the veins of handsome students in the second series of the supernatural Netflix drama created by Dennis Heaton.

Last series, freshman Jack Morton (Jake Manley) enrolled in a secret society at Belgrave University called The Hermetic Order Of The Blue Rose, which teaches ancient trickery to maintain a delicate balance between humans and otherworldly creatures.

Jack quickly became embroiled in a hard-fought battle against practitioners of the dark arts.

In this salvo of 10 episodes, members of The Knights of Saint Christopher vow revenge against The Order after their memories are stolen.

The brutal tug of war between these two tribes tests Jack's loyalty to fellow student Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) in the midst of diabolical demons and powerful sorcerers.

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