Listen to this: The Lost Brothers – Halfway Towards A Healing

The Lost Brothers are back with new album Halfway Towards A Healing
The Lost Brothers are back with new album Halfway Towards A Healing

THE fabulous Lost Brothers are back with another album of hushed, melodic/melancholic beauty.

However, as its title suggests, Halfway Towards a Healing finds superlative Irish songsmiths Oisin Leech and Mark McCausland adding a pinch of hope and humour to their now decade-seasoned acoustic guitars and close harmonies-powered heartache/break.

Recorded at Dust and Stone Studios in Tuscon, Arizona with ex-Giant Sand man Howe Gelb taking charge of 'vibes' and Gabriel Sullivan at the controls, there's a 'sand-blasted cowboy' style romance and regret to songs like the shuffling, croonsome title track, Come Tomorrow's cantering 'Nick Drake on horseback'-esque fingerpicked lament and the gently pining Where The Shadow Goes, the latter's mournful Mariachi-style horns perhaps reflecting the duo's close proximity to Mexico during recording (see also the Leonard Cohen/Fleetwood Mac-esque instrumental interlude, Reigns of Ruin).

While desolation and inertia are palpable in every shimmering note of the haunting Songs of Fire and the simmering break-up ballad Summer Rain, the bros' newly optimistic bent shines through on unabashed love song More Than I Can Comprehend (a co-write with Frames man Glen Hansard) and the uplifting fiddle 'n' strum of traveller's tune Iron Road, while the deadpan dark humour of album closer Ballad of A Lost Brother – on which Gelb provides a superbly dry, chuckle-inducing spoken word 'note to self' – is simply delicious.

Let the healing continue.

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