Noise Annoys: Touts release debut EP, Citizen Nobody deliver debut LP

Touts released their debut EP this week

IN THE wake of last week's misery soundtracked by the bracing grind of Hornets, today finds Noise Annoys in a slightly more positive frame of mind – especially as the cat is now slowly on the mend, thankfully (your emails and texts of concern were, as always, much appreciated).

Appropriately, the speedy energy of the debut EP by Derry punks Touts is just the job for helping to put a spring back in anyone's step.

Indeed, all four tracks on the deliciously titled Sickening & Deplorable – released this week via every digital platform you've ever heard of, courtesy of Hometown Records – are ripe for levitating feet in a pogo-based manner, being as they are chock-full of rampaging three chord riffs, defiant hollering and machine gunning rhythmic clatter.

We can only hope that Hometown are putting this out as a seven inch vinyl too, because these tunes are coming at your ears straight with a gotta getaway velocity that's pure 1977 punk rock.

Well, maybe not 'pure' 77 – there's definitely a nip of tuneful early 80s US hardcore a la Bad Religion and a pinch of Dr Feelgood-esque pub rock ramalama thrown into the mix as well.

Singer guitarist Matt might dress like Ferghal Sharkey but he ain't no warble-voiced crooner like his fellow Derry wan: rather, he spits out his lyrics in the splendidly splenetic manner of a young Jake Burns.

Indeed, the backs against the wall bark of opening track Sold Out could be a lost SLF tune circa Inflammable Material, while the same could be said for the fast and furious Political People – though this full-pelt slice of runaway rockabilly could really have been released at any point in the past 40 years.

Elsewhere, Stay works up a sweaty r'n'b boogie beneath its insistent hyper-strummed guitar attack while Saturday Night Scumbag (another winner of a title) hurtles past like a paralytic being thrown across the bar at kicking out time.

In keeping with their debut single Marty, released round about this time last year (and since which time bassist Miceal has departed to be replaced by current four stringer Luke), the lyrics to Touts' latest tunes are nigh-on indecipherable.

However, that doesn't really matter when the sentiment of ferocious dissatisfaction which infuses their music comes across so thrillingly loud and clear.

While the trio (also featuring drummer Jason) are still searching for that one killer tune that will cement them as local legends, Sickening & Deplorable is an undeniable short sharp shock that's guaranteed to keep people's attention in the meantime.

Keep tabs on them via

Onwards to Belfast's Citizen Nobody, an anti-establishment orientated trio whose eclectic self titled debut album is out now.

Recorded in just three days at Ram Alley Studios, their first record (available on limited edition vinyl via and Belfast's Underground Records) runs the sonic gamut from punk/bluesy shack shakers like Patriarchy Blues, Book on Zen, Rimbaud and Born Again Primitive to the folksy/country charms of Alskar, Apolitical and Little Blue Necklace.

Elsewhere, the atmospheric slow-burner Butterflies offers yet another intriguing change of pace.

The band – David Cosby (guitar/vocals), Al O Donnghaile (drums) and John McCannhave (bass) – have just announced a benefit gig in aid of Shopmobility at The Black Box in Belfast on June 30, also featuring StormTree and Damien Higgens.

I would suggest that fans of fantastic Lurgan/Banbridge duo The Bonnevilles should get along and check them, and indeed their record, out.

Finally for today, word reaches me from a reliable source that Co Tyrone-bred southern-flavoured classic rockers Blackwater Conspiracy will be treating The Underground in Draperstown to a dose of their forthcoming debut album Shootin' The Breeze tomorrow night prior to appearances at Download and Ramblin' Man this summer.

You can sample their wares and pre-order the album now at, while tickets for tomorrow night's show will be available for a nominal fee when The Underground's doors open at 9.30pm.

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