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Andy Welch recommends his 'one to watch'. This week, find out why you should be listening to powerful London quartet Goat Girl

South London combo Goat Girl are set to release their debut album later this year

WHO: Goat Girl

WHAT: London-based four-piece Naima Jelly, Clottie Cream, LED and

Rosy Bones, AKA Naima, Lottie, Ellie and Rosy

WHY: Angry, state-of-the-nation lyrics have never been so necessary

HOW: Goat Girl only formed in 2015, so as far as backstory goes, there isn't really much. They released their debut single late last year after plenty of online hype and music industry chatter.

Frustrated by the lack of venues in London in which they could play, they started putting on their own shows, and got involved in the city's thriving DIY scene.

That's nothing to do with B&Q and Wickes, it's more about young bands, stifled by the capital's gentrification and ever-restrictive rules on music venues, helping each other out and thinking up creative ways to put on shows without much regulation.

It's not that these gigs are dangerous, the bands just don't like filling out risk assessments.

As for their music, well, it lends itself perfectly to that behaviour; all angular guitar lines and pulsing basslines, simplistic arrangements and biting lyrics.

They're not unlike The Slits, if The Slits had been around in Brexit Britain and wrote songs about public transport and political apathy.

THEY SAY: "People help each other out. There are no promoters, we put shows on for free," singer Lottie told The Guardian last year when asked about being part of a resurgent London scene.

"There's a lot of hostility in London – it's nice to be able to just show up at a place and feel safe and know you'll quickly make a friend."

WHERE: Country Sleaze was released last year, the band's debut single. It's available from the band's label, Rough Trade via their online shop, plus iTunes. It's also available to stream.

Given the nature of the band's rise, via DIY gigs, there are also plenty of videos to watch on YouTube.

A debut album will follow this year, and the band are set to tour throughout March.

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