Noise Annoys: Getting heavy with Triggerman and Slomatics, plus Ramones Tribute 4 at The Black Box

Slomatics have just released their new LP Future Echo Returns

BRACE yourselves: things are about to get loud in this week's Noise Annoys, with descriptive words inspired by new releases from two of the north's most enthusiastically amplified bands.

First in the firing line are esteemed Derry riffmasters Triggerman, whose new EP Atomic Rock Number 79 delivers five new tunes from these masters of gruff vocal-topped groove rock.

Opening instrumental gambit The Drift immediately reminds us of the Triggs' signature sound: pared down yet atmospheric heavy rock where crushing chords and nimble licks lock horns with a rolling thunder rhythm section to get your head nodding and your toes a tapping.

Flat Earther anthem Stone The Philosopher finds guitarist and frontman Bap indulging in a satirical rant against the forces of science and wisdom before throwing his head up and "heading back into the cave" as lead guitar man Niall unleashes a scorching solo.

The band open their throttle wide for the thunderous chuggathon of Rat Race, an aural assault on conformity, before downshifting for Big John's lumbering heavy metal folk tale.

Both feature yet more on-point soloing from Niall, who was clearly locked in the woodshed with nothing but a Les Paul and a stash of strong ale for an extended period prior to recording.

For the EP's epic seven minute long title track, Triggerman get funky with drummer Rory laying a down a danceable beat as bassist Dixie and Bap drive home an insistent stacatto riff and Niall unleashes the kind of Wah-enhanced fret-abuse that would have Slash nodding in approval.

Yep, Atomic Rock Number 79 is Triggerman doing what they do best, and as such you should buy it immediately from the links you'll find at

Onward to Belfast sludgelords Slomatics, whose new LP Future Echo Returns finds the trio wrapping up the trilogy of thematically linked sci-fi themed albums they began with 2012's A Hocht and 2014's Estron.

The band's fifth full length finds guitar men Chris and Dave and drummer/shouter/synth triggerman Marty in fine sci-doom form as they continue their crushingly heavy and curiously melodic tales of planetary collapse and interstellar repopulation.

Rousing opener Estronomicon mixes a swirling tide of distortion effects with subtle synths and ear-ringing feedback as the record creaks slowly into life like a irritable beast coming round after a millennium-long cryosleep.

Electric Breath buzzes omniously, lurching forward with menace under the power of Chris and Dave's hair-swinging riffs and Marty's hollered warnings from behind his heavily abused kit – a late onset erruption of death synths only adds to the air of unease, before In The Grip of Fausto's syrupy sludge 'n' shout advises observers to "survive, evolve, defend!"

Mid-point interlude Ritual Beginnings offers brief respite from the onslaught with eerie arpeggiation, mournful sustains and death march drums, gradually building in intensity as the band wind up for their final assault.

The filthy 'Metallica on codeine' rutting of Rat Chariot offers Titanic-sized evil riffage for the headbanging set to fiend upon (and yet more end-times guldering from Marty), queasy sing-along speakerquake Supernothing is a pure extinction level event anthem and finale Into The Eternal finds Slomatics pioneering a 'stadium sludge' sound packed with choral chants, primordial fuzz and good old fashioned 'woah-woahs' to bring their concept trilogy to a fittingly epic conclusion.

It's been a long, strange, thoroughly engrossing trip – one that doomlords will doubtless be revisiting in dark, throbbing rooms across the known universe for eons to come.

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Finally, a reminder that Belfast's annual Ramones tribute night returns to The Black Box tomorrow evening.

Instrumental surfcore specialists Los Reye, pop punks No Matter and garage rockers The Groundlings will celebrate New York City's finest with a selection of Ramones covers complimentary originals, and Rudi/Sabrejets man Brian Young will also be on hand for a special Bruddas-informed acoustic set.

Admission is £5, doors open at 8.30pm and there will be an unsteady supply of event-appropriate tunes between the bands to keep the cretins hoppin' in style.

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