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NEW DUP assembly member Emma Pengelly is in line to receive a "golden handshake" worth up to £45,000 after giving up her role as a Stormont special adviser. The former adviser to first minister Peter Robinson was last week chosen by the party as its new South Belfast MLA after Jimmy Spratt stepped down on health grounds.


War-on-drugs thriller Sicario is bang on target

War-on-drugs thriller Sicario is bang on target
AT the blackened heart of the film is a tour de force performance from Emily Blunt whose steely-nerved heroine might have to sacrifice more than her idealism in the crucible of machismo and political double dealing.


  • Security alert in Omagh is a terrible disruption to many law abiding citizens. People want to have peace & the benefits that it brings.
  • Struggling to leave investment conference due to bombscare & roads closed in Titanic Quarter #securityalert #ironyalert
  • Omagh security alert: I'm told evacuated people are worried about being moved to Market St area after 1998
  • #ULB #GLE #Omagh bus station has been evacuated due to a security alert in the area-Delays & disruptions to services in the area ^CD
  • The Waterfoot hotel Londonderry is currently being evacuated following concerns about a device.
  • Update - Gunman is in custody after one person was killed and three others were injured in a shooting at Northern Arizona University
  • #NIR Don't forget Coleraine-L-Derry line closure this weekend! Click here for details & changes to times of bus sub
  • Man rescued after falling into ship's hold

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Deals in north rise faster than Britain after Moy Park deal

Deals in north rise faster than Britain after Moy Park deal

THE mega deal which saw Northern Ireland's largest company Moy Park change hands for almost £1 billion has seen the value of mergers and acquisitions in the north rise faster than any other part of the UK.
North's biggest firm Moy Park sold for $1.5 billion    £1 billion deal is no chicken feed for Moy Park    Moypark celebrates completion of first stage of £20 million investment