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  1. 'What if I don't have MS and have been taking the wrong drugs all this time?'

    in Northern Ireland news

    • MS
    • Deirdre Walford
    • patient recall
    • Dr Michael Watt
  2. Co Down mum tells how daughter has lived with MS through her teenage years

    in Life

    • Theresa Leavy
    • Melissa Leavy
    • MS
    • ms society
  3. Playing character with MS has been life-changing - Corrie actor Richard Hawley

    in Entertainment

    • Coronation Street
    • Johnny Connor
    • ms society
    • Richard Hawley
  4. John McNaughton hopes stem cell treatment in Mexico will halt his MS symptoms

    in Health

    • Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
    • John McNaughton
    • Glenariff
    • Mexico
  5. Republic of Ireland to legalise cannabis for treatment of some medical conditions

    in News

    • cannabis
    • medical treatment
    • Legalise cannabis
    • Health Minister Simon Harris
    • cancer
    • epilepsy
    • Ireland
  6. Identical twin turned heads and raised spirits wherever she went

    in Lives Remembered

    • Twins
    • Sharon Blair
    • Blair
    • identical twins
    • newry
  7. Drinking more coffee ‘could reduce multiple sclerosis risk'

    in Healthcare news

    • MS
    • Coffee
    • Karolinska Institute in Stockholm