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  1. Doctor named in Hyponatraemia Inquiry removed from medical register

    in Healthcare news

    • Robert Quinn
    • Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
  2. Two more doctors linked to inquiry into deaths of five children in hospital to be investigated by GMC

    in Northern Ireland news

    • hyponatraemia inquiry
    • Claire Roberts
    • dr heather steen
    • dr robert taylor
  3. Newton Emerson: So what else does the DUP fear Jonathan Bell has on tape?

    in Columnists

    • Newton Emerson
    • column
    • Loughinisland
    • Jonathan Bell
    • RHI
  4. Police investigating hyponatraemia death of Claire Roberts

    in Healthcare news

    • Claire Roberts
    • Adam Strain
    • Raychel Ferguson
    • Lucy Crawford
    • Conor Mitchell
  5. Unacceptable that families left waiting after damning report

    in Leading article

    • Editorial
    • Mr Justice O'Hara
    • Claire Roberts
  6. Leaked letter reveals doctors' concerns about 'duty of candour'

    in Healthcare news

    • Dr John D Woods
    • BMA
    • duty of candour