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  1. Ian Paisley tells Irish News he needed £6k US flight tickets because of shortness of trip

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Ian Paisley
    • Good Friday Agreement
    • New York
    • First class
    • sri lanka
    • Maldives
  2. Ian Paisley 'put himself out' to fly first-class to New York peace conference 'at the last minute'

    in Political news

    • DUP
    • Ian Paisley
    • New York
    • Maldives
    • Sri Lanka
    • North Antrim
  3. Belfast City Council and Co-operation Ireland nurture next generation of leaders

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Belfast City Council
    • Young Advocates
    • PEACE IV
    • Belfast
  4. Co-operation Ireland's Peter Sheridan: I pride myself in being able to see things from 'the other side'

    in Life

    • RUC
    • PSNI
    • Peter Sheridan
    • Michael D Higgins
    • Martin McGuinness
    • The Queen
  5. Queen unveils portrait by Belfast's Colin Davidson at Co-operation Ireland event

    in Northern Ireland news

    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Cooperation irealnd
    • Martin McGuinness
    • Crosby House